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  • red: seven insecurities
  • orange: six pet peeves
  • yellow: five turn ons
  • green: four life goals
  • blue: three fears
  • indigo: two weaknesses
  • violet: one thing you love


But guys, if Zack didn’t skateboard, if Rian wasn’t wearing a Face to Face t shirt, if Alex didn’t stay at Jack’s house because Jack’s mum was making pizza bagels, we wouldn’t have All Time Low

(via gayisnotasynonymforjalex)

sleepstarignition said: We're Sleep Star Ignition, a band that would be eternally grateful if you'd take just a few moments to check out the indiegogo campaign we just launched. We have some pretty awesome stuff available to give in exchange for your donations, so if you give, you get! If you can't afford to part with any of your hard earned dollars, simply spreading the word is a gift we will gladly accept with many thanks. For more info just follow the link on our latest post and be sure to share as well! Thanks!

I’m broke as heck but I’ll see if I can pull something together.

but anyone seeing this should check them out, SSI has some great songs I’ve been meaning to buy for a while now and everyone that can help them get a good start for their band should!